Tandem Direct Supervision (TDS)

How the TDS Program Works

Learning to skydive is one of the most rewarding endeavors a person can experience because of the high level of achievement that comes from learning to jump.

Our focus is to help you build confidence one jump at a time. Our training method differs from most others as we're more purposeful in our approach of gradually introducing you to more responsibility with each jump.

Our program is known as TDS (Tandem Direct Supervision) because it involves two tandem skydives before equipping our students with their own parachute. Other programs usually begin with students starting out with their own parachute which is a huge first step.

We've been in the skydiving industry for more than 50 years and we've learned that building confidence means starting with a good foundation. Setting a great foundation of learning to exit the aircraft, having a solid freefall body position, maintaining altitude awareness, executing parachute deployment and safely landing can all be done with tandem skydives.

With confidence, moving into solo free fall is much easier.


The TDS program is broken into four phases:

  • Phase I - Two Tandem Skydives
  • Phase II - Classroom Instruction
  • Phase III - Direct Supervision
  • Phase IV - Post Supervision


The classroom phase bridges the gap between the tandem jumps and making your first solo free fall. Though you'll be solo with your own parachute, you will have an instructor with you during the free fall experience giving feedback using hand signals in order to assist with free fall body position and to offer help should it be needed.

The classroom phase usually lasts between 4 and 6 hours and will address emergency procedures, how the equipment works, body positions and landing patterns.

Generally, we like to schedule the classroom phase early in the morning or in the evenings allowing us to be in the air during daylight hours. Our goal is to have students make a tandem and their first solo free fall in the same day to build confidence.


It's what you've been dreaming about - we're skydiving!

This phase involves six progressive jumps under the watchful eye of your instructor who flies alongside you in free fall. The end goal is to have you master the skills for a controlled and stable freefall, fly a parachute safely and land it. Our ground team will assist you utilizing a radio to guide you until you are comfortable to do it independently.

Each jump is progressive and requires that you master certain skills before you progress to the next jump. Some individuals are able to master these skills more quickly, while others may need additional jumps before progressing to the next step. The key is to be patient and enjoy the process. Safety is our top priority.


Attaining your 'A' License.

Once you've completed your training jumps, you'll now be prepared to jump solo. The next objective is attaining your A license. While skydiving is tons of fun, jumping by yourself will get a little boring. Having an A license will permit you to jump with other jumpers which is where the real fun begins.

Attaining an A license will require additional skills and a minimum of 25 jumps and knowing how to pack your parachute. During the additional 17 jumps, a coach will need to be hired to help acquire the necessary skills in order to attain your A license.

Learning to skydive is rewarding and challenging but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Not only will you have the coolest hobby on the planet, but you'll be joining a wonderful community of people. Welcome to our skydiving family!

Learn To Skydive Today (TDS) Prices

Option Price

Freefall Ground Training - Emergency Procedures and Canopy Flight


TDS 1 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS 2 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS 3 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS 4 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS 5 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS 6 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS 7 - Solo non tandem freefalls


TDS 8 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


Coach Jumps

6 Coach Jumps Needed As You Work On Your USPA "A" License

$150 x8

SOLO JUMPS - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls

Solo Jumps, You Will Need 9 Of These to achieve your A license! Gear rental and parachute packer included.

$75 a jump

Parachute Packing Course - Learn to Pack your Parachute

Learn to pack your parachute in order to get signed off on your A license Profeincy Card


Total - Pay As You Go, One Jump At A Time!


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