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Need bragging rights? Get high quality photos & video of your tandem skydive with The Skydiving Company's video services.

Trust us - jumping from a plane is an experience you're going to want to share with everyone! The Skydiving Company offers guests the opportunity to capture their skydive with high quality digital photos, video, or both! Our professional video services team will shoot your entire tandem skydiving experience from exit to landing. Once you land, we'll edit your video and create an epic skydiving documentary starring... you! Best of all, you'll be able to easily upload your photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any of your other social networks so you can share your skydive with all your friends and family.

Learn more about our available tandem skydiving video services packages below.

Video Services

Whether it's our Free Reality Video filmed by the instructor with a camera mounted on his hand, or our Ultimate Video product, filmed by a camera flyer with helmet-mounted cameras, you're the star! Capture your skydiving adventure forever. Easily accessible from our YOUTUBE Channel.

Option Cost

Reality Video - Regularly priced at $99

90 Second video, filmed from the instructor's perspective, edited with generic music and shared through our YouTube channel.


Still Photos or Extended Video

150 to 200 pictures of your skydive experience or 3 more scenes to your video.


Deluxe Video and Still Photos

Extended video With more clips of your skydive. Including ground interview, Plane Take off and a halfway up interview. The video is 3 to 5 minutes long


Utlimate Video and Photos

You're The Star! Filmed And Photographed from both the instructor's and an outside camera flyer's perspective. Edited and shared through our YouTube Channel. Includes Still Photos


Raw Footage upload

Have your raw video files sent for your own editing purposes


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