Tandem Skydiving Discount Packages And Video Packages Explained

Tandem Skydiving Discount Packages And Video Packages Explained


If you're considering skydiving Austin, Dallas, or Houston or anywhere in the Texas Triangle, you chose the right spot!

Making a tandem skydive with The Skydiving Company is your best bet! Tandem skydiving allows you to experience the incredible thrill of skydiving with no previous training or experience required. It is the safest and most popular way to experience skydiving for the first time.

When you make a tandem skydive with us, you'll be teamed up with one of our expert tandem skydiving instructors who will accompany you throughout your entire skydive. Knowing that you're in the hands of a professional will allow you to relax and enjoy every moment of what is sure to be one of the most amazing days of your life!

When you arrive, your instructor will walk you through a brief training session where you'll learn how to correctly exit the airplane, position your body during freefall, and land safely. Following your training, you'll suit up and head to the airplane. Once onboard, you'll take in scenic views of the Lone Star State during a short ride to altitude. When you reach jump altitude, you'll be securely attached to your tandem instructor and the two of you will exit the aircraft together. You'll then experience the indescribable rush of freefalling at 120mph through the sky! After freefall, you'll enjoy a relaxing canopy ride over the beautiful Texas countryside as you make your way back to the dropzone for landing.

At The Skydiving Company, your safety is always our number one priority. When you make a tandem skydive with us, you can rest assured knowing that you will be jumping with the industry's best instructors and flying the most advanced skydiving equipment available on the market - United Parachute Technologies SIGMA tandem parachute systems. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with a truly first-class skydiving experience they will never forget.

If you'd like more information on tandem skydiving, please visit our Skydiving FAQ page. If you have a specific question, or you'd like to speak with one of our team members, contact us today - we'd love to speak with you!

Tandem Skydiving Deal - Jump into Summer

Option Cost

Weekday Tandem Skydive With a FREE VIDEO - Monday - Friday Only

Weekday Tandem Skydive and Reality Video uploaded to our YouTube Channel. (Monday-Friday)

$189.00 + FREE VIDEO

Weekend Tandem Skydive with a FREE VIDEO

Weekend Tandem Skydive and Reality Video uploaded to our YouTube Channel (Saturday& Sunday)

$209.00 + FREE VIDEO

18,000ft Tandem Skydive with a FREE VIDEO - 18,000ft available 7 days per week

Available All Week. Jump from 18,000ft With Oxygen And Reality Video. 2 Minute of Freefall with a FREE VIDEO of your Skydive uploaded to our YouTube channel.


Video Services

Whether it's our Free Reality Video filmed by the instructor with a camera mounted on his hand, or our Ultimate Video product, filmed by a camera flyer with helmet-mounted cameras, you're the star! Capture your skydiving adventure forever. Easily accessible from our YOUTUBE Channel.

Option Cost

Reality Video - Regularly priced at $99

90 Second video, filmed from the instructor's perspective, edited with generic music and shared through our YouTube channel.


Still Photos or Extended Video

150 to 200 pictures of your skydive experience or 3 more scenes to your video.


Deluxe Video and Still Photos

Extended video With more clips of your skydive. Including ground interview, Plane Take off and a halfway up interview. The video is 3 to 5 minutes long


Utlimate Video and Photos

You're The Star! Filmed And Photographed from both the instructor's and an outside camera flyer's perspective. Edited and shared through our YouTube Channel. Includes Still Photos


Raw Footage upload

Have your raw video files sent for your own editing purposes


Group Rates

Option Cost

10+ people - Training Tandem Skydive

$199 with a free video

20+ people - Tandem Training Jump

$189 with a free video the organizer get a free jump

Hero Discount

Option COST

Hero Discount - Tandem Training Jump

Any person who is serving in the military, Police Force, Emt, Firefighter, and teacher can jump for $189 anytime during the week and weekend.

$189 with a free video

I have read the skydiving FAQ & policies and agree to all published policies about age, height, weight restrictions, refunds, weather, aircraft, aircraft boarding, rescheduling, appointment times, and time at facility. The Skydiving Company is located at 2207 Airport Lane, Madisonville Texas. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

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