Learn to Skydive Solo

Learn to Skydive Solo

Get Your Skydiving License!

Learn to skydive near Houston with the experts at The Skydiving Company. With more than 50 years of experience skydiving and training skydivers, our team has created a custom training program for students who want to learn to skydive solo. Our Tandem Direct Supervision training program teaches students the necessary skills they need to become independent skydivers and earn their initial skydiving license.

To participate in the Tandem Direct Supervision program students must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Weigh less than 250lbs (height weight proportionate)
  • Have a good attitude and a desire to learn
  • Be physically and psychologically fit
  • Be willing to spend a significant amount of time at the dropzone - learning to skydive takes time

Learn To Skydive Today Tandem Direct Supervision (TDS) Prices

Option Price

TDS A - Tandem skydive from 14,000 feet


TDS B - Tandem skydive from 14,000 feet


First Jump Course And Ground School - Emergency Procedures and Canopy Flight


TDS C - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS D - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS E - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS F - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS G - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS H - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls


TDS I - Solo non tandem freefalls


Total - Pay As You Go, One Jump At A Time!


Coach Jumps

6 Coach Jumps Needed As You Work On Your USPA "A" License



Solo Jumps, You Will Need 11 Of These As You Work On Your "A" License Does Not Include Parachute Packing.


Learn to Skydive Bundles

Don't have enough to pre-pay for the whole course? Prepay for smaller bundles.

TDS 9 Jump Package Prepay & Save

TDS 9 Jump Package Prepay & Save Includes 2 Tandems, Ground School & 7 Supervised Freefalls Reg $2136 Prepay Save $506.


TDS 9 Jump Package - SAVE 20% Includes 2 Tandems & 7 Supervised Freefalls

2 Tandem 7 Supervised Freefalls. This Gets You To Self Supervision Status & Go To Work On Your "A" License REG. $2136 Save $506.


USPA A License Package

If you know skydiving is for you, then this is the way to go! This program takes you from novice to an A licensed skydiver with 25 skydives!

Option 25 jump A-license package

TDS A THRU I JUMPS And Ground School - 9 x $229. ea. + $75


6 Coach Jumps - 6 x $125. ea


11 Solo Jumps With Gear Rental - 11 x $65 each




Pre Paid 28% Off Discount - Contract Required

Prepay for the entire program and save $1032


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