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Skydiver Training Program



To participate in the A license program students must:

AFF student wearing green and blue skydiving gear practices the free fall portion of his skydive with instructors

USPA A License Package

If you know skydiving is for you, then this is the way to go! This program takes you from novice to an A licensed skydiver with as little as 25 skydives!

First Jump Course - $125
5 - 6 Hour Ground School
Category A - E2 - $200 per jump
Jumps directly supervised by a USPA AFF Instructor
Coach Jumps - $150 per jump
Group free fall skills taught by s USPA Coach
Solo Jumps - $100 per jump
Jump completely by yourself under our supervision
Hop & Pops - $75 per jump
Low altitude exits at 5,500 and 3,500 feet
Parachute Packing Class - $100
Learn how to pack your parachute all by yourself and jump it!
Check Out Dive - $200 per jump
Show off your skills to a USPA AFF Instructor in your final graduation skydive
A Package Total - $2899
Save $1000 with our A package deal. Can be split into 2 payments

Jump Tickets

Experienced Jumper tickets. For Skydivers that have completed their A license requirements.

1 Jump Ticket $30
50 Jumps $1450
100 Jumps $2800

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