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Learn to Skydive

Student Training Program



To participate in the Tandem Direct Supervision program students must:

AFF student wearing green and blue skydiving gear practices the free fall portion of his skydive with instructors

USPA A License Package

If you know skydiving is for you, then this is the way to go! This program takes you from novice to an A licensed skydiver with 25 skydives!

TDS 1-8 Jumps & First Jump Course - 8 TDS @ jumps $150
First Jump Course $75.
Coach Jumps - Coach Jumps
Coach Jumps to Complete You A License. Including 2 Hop N pops.
9 Solo Jumps/ Gear Rental/ Parachute packing $52
Packing Class
Learn to pack your parachute to achieve you A license.
Pre Pay discount TOTAL
Must be paid in full to receive package price. The package can also split up payments of $1300 upfront and $1300 after jump #5

Learn to Skydive Today (TDS) Prices

Freefall Ground Training - Emergency Procedures & Canopy Flight $75
TDS 1 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 2 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 3 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 4 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 5 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 6 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 7 - Solo Non tandem Freefalls $225
TDS 8 - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls $225
Coach Jumps
6 Coach Jumps Needed As You Work On Your USPA "A" License
$150 x8
SOLO JUMPS - Solo Non Tandem Freefalls
Solo Jumps, You Will Need 9 Of These to achieve your A license! Gear rental and parachute packer included.
$75 a jump
Parachute Packing Course - Learn to Pack your Parachute
Learn to pack your parachute in order to get signed off on your A license Profeincy Card
Total - Pay As You Go, One Jump At A Time! $3930

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