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Re-Open May, 1st 2020

Dropzone News

There are some restrictions for now but as our country begins opening back up it will become more open. For now, we are only open Friday-Monday and will increase our days open as we get closer to June and so on.

Please if you are coming out to join us for some freefall festivities, please bring your own face coverings or gloves if you want them. IF YOU AREN’T FEELING WELL, PLEASE STAY HOME! Your skydiving reservation is valid for 2 years! no need to rush if you aren’t feeling well.

Please limit the number of spectators you bring out to only 1 or 2 per group. We are a family skydiving center and we love having children around but please for now don’t bring them out.

No handshakes or high fives are allowed and only finger guns are accepted as forms of greeting and excitement. Thanks, Everyone and we will see you in the sky!

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