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Skydiving for Teens and Students

First Time Skydiving

Do you really need to wait until the big 1-8 to jump out of a plane? Unfortunately, yes.

For all you eager teenagers and students eyeing skydiving, we’re stoked about your enthusiasm. You’ve seen the YouTube videos of sky ninjas zipping around the air and you want to be just like them.

We understand that you may be bursting at the scenes to book your first tandem. But there are no exceptions: you must wait until you’re 18.

But why!?

Since you’re required to sign a risk waiver to participate in our sport, you must be of legal age to sign a contract. We can’t bend the rules by having a parent or guardian sign on your behalf. It must be you.

This is legally binding across all dropzones in the U.S., which are regulated by the United States Parachute Association. The tandem equipment manufacturers also require that participants be 18 years or older. We’ll ask for a valid photo ID to verify this upon check in.

The silver lining

The good thing is that most of you attending college will be 18 soon if you aren’t already! The Skydiving Company is located just 45 minutes by car from Texas A&M University. We’re under two hours from both Austin and Houston as well.

For those who are not of age yet, there are ways to get your fix in the meantime. There are two indoor skydiving facilities in the area: one in Austin and the other in Houston.

Indoor tunnels are giant cylinder tubes that blast air up from the bottom and give the sensation of skydiving. These experiences are not only fun, but they can help prepare you for your first jump by teaching you about proper body position.

You can also search for a center that offers tandem paragliding, which does not legally bind participants to a certain minimum age requirement, as long as flyers under the age of 18 get the sign-off from a parent or guardian.

But when you do turn 18, don’t forget about us. Our professional sky ninjas will be ready to take you on a high-speed ride some 2.5 miles above Texas.

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