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How to Ace Your First Skydive

First Time Skydiving

Eek! Skydiving!

We know; we know. It’s a nerve-wracking thought, jumping out of a plane. We picture you reading this as you’re in the middle of a sleepless night, chewing down your fingernails about the jump you reserved tomorrow, thinking “How am I going to survive the experience?!” (Whoops, we meant “today.”)

Take heart, dear reader: You’re going to be fine. Here are our best tips for nervous first-time skydivers, so you feel perfectly prepared to make the leap.

Ix-nay on the liquid courage.

If you show up with any alcohol in your system, you won’t need to worry about how your skydive will go, because it won’t happen. We don’t allow any alcohol consumption previous to the jump, for all the reasons you already know. Here’s another thing, too: Don’t drink the night before. Skydiving with a hangover is just the worst.

Eat clean (and moderately).

Be sure to eat a nutritious meal beforehand that’s neither too big nor too small. That adrenaline needs energy in order to flow properly! A moderate, nutritious meal won’t just keep your blood sugar in a good place, it’ll prevent queasiness. For bonus points, bring a few nutritious snacks to keep your energy stable if there’s any waiting to be done.

Calm your nerves with science.

The United States Parachute Association has been collecting statistics on skydiving since the middle of the last century. As you can see right here for yourself, making a skydive is safer (by kinda a long shot) than commuting to work. Sure, skydiving is a dangerous sport–but it can be done safely under the right conditions and attention to detail. Know you can ask questions along the way at any point!

Come well rested.

Here’s the point where we bid you goodnight, dear reader. You need to count some sheep and get those Zzzzs. Over the many years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned that the very best, happiest students are ones in rested-enough shape to effectively retain the information we download to them pre-jump. They’re better able to follow instructions, and they almost always have a better time because of it.

Sweet skydiving dreams, our soon-to-be new friend! We’re looking forward to making them all come true tomorrow. Until then!

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