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First Time Skydiving: 5 Things Everyone Says Afterward

First Time Skydiving

We bet we can guess the first thing that’ll pop out of your mouth after you land from your first time skydiving! (After you stop hollering out your happiness, that is.) Pretty much every new jumper makes one of the following five statements after her feet are back on the ground. …Which will yours be?

1. “I wish I’d gotten the video!”

Just kidding! This is something that pops up with stunning regularity at pretty much every other dropzone in the world, but not ours. Here at The Skydiving Company, we take that regret right out of the equation. We actually do a free skydiving video for every tandem student who jumps with us–pretty amazing, right?!–to make sure that every magical student experience is captured for posterity. It’s 90 seconds long, filmed from the instructor’s perspective, edited with generic music and shared through our YouTube channel.

Want more? Of course, you do. For just $99.00, our talented team will film the entire proceedings from not just your instructor’s perspective but from the perspective of what we refer to as an “outside cameraperson”–another skydiver on the jump with you who keeps pace with you and your instructor in freefall to act as your very own photographer/videographer. We’ll cut together a video from that footage, then share it on YouTube and give you a DVD with the raw footage. Choose our Deluxe Editing service and we’ll even shoot interviews and let you pick your own soundtrack. It’s gonna be epic!

2. “It was nothing like I’d thought it would be! It was better!”

There’s nothing in day-to-day life that compares to skydiving for the first time. (Okay, there is in our day-to-day lives, but we don’t necessarily count. 😉 ) We’re not just talking about the jump. We’re talking about the full-on experience: being outside; being immersed in a dynamic, tight, completely new community; being around giddily happy adventurers; learning firsthand about aviation and human flight. The exciting thrill of skydiving is far more than just a fall. It’s a whole new world–a whole new way of life–that you’re being introduced to.

3. “I can’t stop thinking about it!”

Often, when people come down from that first tandem skydive, they just find a place on the dropzone to sit down and stare off into the middle distance with a museful smile on their faces. We like to watch them process what they’ve just experienced. It’s fascinating to watch their faces.

One thing is for sure: After your jump, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about each part. You’ll remember what you were thinking; the sensations you experienced; the intensity of the fear you faced at the beginning of the experience and how it transmuted completely into a sense of light, bubbly elation. You’ll remember the moment you literally stepped outside of your comfort zone. You’ll wonder what else you’re capable of, now that you’ve proven your mettle in such a powerful way. You’re right to wonder, y’know. You’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for and, after your jump, you’ll know it.

4. “I wonder how much it costs to go again!”

You can keep on doing tandem skydives as long as you want, y’know–but the most cost-effective (and mind-blowingly incredible) way to make your next skydive is as a student solo jumper. Don’t make that face: You are absolutely capable of getting your skydiving license, and we believe that you owe it to yourself to try. We know. We’ve been teaching people to skydive for half a century, you know.

Consider it your next great adventure–and take advantage of the great pricing plans we offer in order to sweeten the deal. Learn to skydive with us at the Skydiving Company and see just how good it can be. (Spoiler: Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously good.)

5. “I wish I’d done this sooner!”

So many people wait. They cite financial reasons–other responsibilities–time–but, at the end of the day, it’s fear that really gets in the way, isn’t it? Once you muscle past that fear, the world opens up. When someone makes the commitment and finally makes it out to skydive, they always, always, always wish they hadn’t waited so long to do it.

So: What are *you* waiting for? Come and make a jump with us today!

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