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Skydiving With Your Family


Skydiving isn’t just a solo sport. Oh no; you can enjoy it with your family, too!

Nothing says ‘great bonding experience’ like throwing yourselves out of an airplane together. So pack a hamper, grab your grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles and aunts and head down to the drop zone!

Can my whole family go skydiving?

The minimum age for skydiving here in the US is 18. So the answer is, as long as they’re eighteen or over, anyone in your family can go skydiving with you!

Of course, they’ll need to be generally physically fit. And it’s better if they’re also willing (we’re not suggesting you throw great grandma Mavis out of an airplane against her wishes, now!).

It’s not just the family members who jump that will love the experience. Bring along the kids and grandkids too – they can wait with a responsible adult on the ground and be there to wave you in as you come to land. It really is fun for all the family!

Great reasons to skydive with your family

Family is precious. We can all agree on that. But in today’s hyper-connected world, we’re often less connected than ever, favoring one-on-one time with our cellphones over quality time with the folks.

Skydiving is one experience you’ll love to share forever more. When you do something like skydiving, that’s going to make you nervous and that’s going to be a challenge, it’s a wonderful way to bond. Overcoming your fears and doing something completely out of the ordinary will connect you to your family in a whole new way. It’s a huge achievement and you’ll be bringing it up around the family dinner table for years to come!

It’s also something family members of all ages can enjoy. Sometimes it might feel like the younger members of your family have basically nothing in common with the older generations. But whether you’re 19 or 90, skydiving’s cool! Everyone loves it, no matter what age, so it’s something you can enjoy together.

Skydiving with your kids

The minimum age for skydiving in the US, as we mentioned, is 18. Which means that only people over that age can jump.

That’s not to say that your kids can’t be part of the experience. Hey, they’re your biggest supporters! And once they see you jump out of an airplane and come flying down to earth under your parachute, you’ll be even more of a hero in their eyes.

There are actually lots of skydiving kids who spend time on the drop zone and benefit hugely from it. The skydiving community is like a family in itself; everyone who jumps does so because they really love it, and there’s a great sense of camaraderie and trust. Being around that teaches kids about the importance of relationships and helps them to develop socially, too.

Even if your kid isn’t old enough to jump yet, we’d still encourage you to bring them along. Who knows – it could be the ideal 18th birthday present!

Telling your family about your skydive

Deciding to skydive is a big decision. It might be something you’ve dreamed about for years. Perhaps it’s something you’re using to challenge yourself. Maybe you’re scared of heights and this is how you’ll overcome your fear.

So once you’ve made your booking, you might think you can relax and wait for the day to arrive. But wait! There’s a whole group of people who just love to know what you’re up to… that’s right, it’s time to tell your family!

Telling your family about your plan to go skydiving can be quite daunting. They’ll have loads of questions (check out our Skydiving FAQs area if you want some help answering them!). Some of them might even decide to join you right there and then. Whatever their reaction, be sure to reassure them of your choice and encourage them to join you for the jump or simply come along on the day.

Ready to book your skydive with your family? You can do so online now, or contact us with any questions.

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